Rev. Dr. Harold Trulear Speaker for Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration

St. Davids, PA, January 12, 2018: Eastern University was honored to welcome to our Windows on the World lecture series today, as part of our Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration, former Templeton Honors College faculty and current Associate Professor of Applied Theology, Howard University School of Divinity, Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear. Also the National Director of Healing Communities USA, Rev. Dr. Trulear’s lecture was titled, In a Building Not Made by Hands: Martin Luther King, Jr. the Beloved Community and Mass Incarceration.

Rev. Dr. Trulear began by movingly singing the lyrics from the song Lord, Keep Me Day by Day, “I want to live, I want to live on in a building not made by hands. I’m just a stranger here traveling through this barren land, Lord I know there’s a building somewhere in a building not made by hands.” Audience members spontaneously joined him in song. Rev. Dr. Trulear explained he heard a man sing this song in a prison in NJ, who had been singing it for 30 years in the prison chapel, and at the time he recognized this man was part of the church universal.

Rev. Dr. Trulear declared, “Our problem as Christians is we look at men and women behind bars as objects of outreach rather than a part of the community…No one had to bring the gospel to the prison. No one had to bring Jesus to the prison. Jesus was already there.”

Dr. Trulear discussed Martin Luther King, Jr.’s book Search for the Beloved Community and how we can take this idea of beloved community and relate it to the idea of mass incarceration.

Rev. Dr. Trulear explained that we need