Chris Rock is funny. I can do without the vulgar language, especially the “N” word, but his humor opens up some serious stuff.

Like, speaking of the “N” word, he talks in one bit about the difference between “N”’s and Black people:

He says that “N”’s want to be congratulated for things they are supposed to do. They will brag “I ain’t never been to jail,” to which Rock replies “You ain’t supposed to go to jail! So what you want, a cookie?” They boast: “I take care of my kids.” Rock’s response is informative: “You supposed to take care of your kids, you low-expectation having [person].”

Yeah, I can do without the language, but not without the insight. A lot of us have low expectations of ourselves. And we are influenced by the low expectations others have of us. Some of them come from surprising places.

Like the government. And I’m not talking about them building more jail cells because they expect that those of us who have been incarcerated are coming back. I’m not talking about building more prisons based on third grade reading scores.

I’m talking about reduced recidivism rates…high visibility, low expectations.

Many people talk today about reducing mass incarceration. Since 2010, the numbers of folk